TN: 2007 Domaine La Tache St. Joseph Cuvée Guillamy

  • 2007 Domaine La Tache St. Joseph Cuvée Guillamy - France, Rhône, Northern Rhône, St. Joseph (11/7/2021)
    Well hello there, this is delicious. It has depth. It has character. It shows all the classic virtues of Northern Rhône Syrah, with ample levels of roasted meats, dark fruit, sun-drenched herbs and just a touch of worn leather. This actually feels quite youthful, and has rewarded a patient decade+ of cellaring with a couple of false starts where the wine just didn’t want to play. Right now it’s a pleasure to drink, and appears to have a bright future. Glad to have a few more bottles.

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Yup. This bottle was so much better, even than that one.

I miss these wines. Ah well, nothing lasts forever.

Are they even made anymore?

The most recent vintage in CellarTracker is 2015. Selection Massale still has a page for the producer, but who knows.

I hope you have some 2010s still in your cellar. Those were truly outstanding and I drank all mine well before maturity.

I only ever bought 2007 and 2009.

loved these, alas all gone

I had the 2010 in March and it was wonderful. Spent a long time checking every corner of the web for more to no avail.

Had the 2010 a week ago. Really very nice, but sadly was my last one. The one I opened a few years back had an almost overwhelming white pepper note on the palate that I couldn’t quite come to terms with, but this one was just singing. I hadn’t heard that they’re no longer in business - too bad!

Definitely yes, David!


Thank you Eric. It’s good to know they are still making the wines. Now I just have to find some!

I bought 3 each of the two A La Tache 2010s and so far have managed to keep my hands off all but one Badel. Thanks for the note/reminder. Looking forward to digging more into my 2010s later this decade.

Selection Massale’s webpage still shows Domaine La Tache as a client. I miss being able to buy direct from Selection Massale. I drank some La Tache in France maybe ten years ago and Lyle put me in touch with Guillaume at Selection Massale to buy the wines here. I still have 10 bottles of '09 and '10 but haven’t opened one in years; look like its time to revisit and maybe contact Selection Massale to find out whether they are still importing La Tache and, if they are, who sells at retail.


If you find out anything please post.


Was able to grab the 2010 which went up on Winebid this week…anyone ever find out anything from Massale?

I had several of the 2010 Guillamy and the 2010 Badel, but all were consumed 3-4 years ago. They werent singing for me at the time and I remember being a bit disappointed. This is encouraging and has me looking forward to re-trying them, as I have a few left. Thanks for the update.

I still have 3 bottles each of 2010 Badel and Guillamy. I drank all my 07s and 09s. I’ve loved every bottle I’ve had.

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If anyone with all this stock wants to unload any, I’m here and ready :slight_smile: