TN: 2007 Domaine Dujac Morey-Saint-Denis

Frankly this was a bit disappointing, having tried most vintages of this wine since 1996 on or near release.

Pretty little red, slightly jubey fruits on the nose, hint of Dujac spice and justa touch of oak. In the mouth it’s relatively tender, pretty, but lacking presence. Drying, slightly austere finish given the weight, suggests that it could be at a very awkward stage, but the lack of generosity and fruit brightness at this juncture is concerning. It will be interesting to see where this ends up in a decade.


Not a promising note for what is typically and outstanding village wine.
Any comparisons to other vintages of this wine in their youth?
Have you tried any of the '07 MSD 1er?

Reminded me a bit of the 04. This is the only 07 Dujac that I have tried.


I was unimpressed by the 04 1er cur MSD a couple weeks ago

I have great faith in the wines of Dujac, and I suspect this will look much better in a few years, but the depth reminded me a bit of the 04. I did think the 04 MSD was one of the better village wines that I have tried from 04.
FWIW 96 MSD was a near epiphany wine and had a few bots of excellent 88 MSD recently that were drinking very well indeed.


We have also noticed a touch of '04 on a few '07’s, particularly what we term “fly spray” on the nose of some of the lesser '07’s we have tried recently…but it doesn’t quite translate through to the palate as the same greenness as '04…

I had a taste of the 07 at a wine store tasting a few months ago and was similarly unimpressed. It did have a certain amount of green and stems.

Al Fenster