TN: 2007 Domaine Billaud-Simon Chablis (France, Burgundy, Chablis)

The nose on this wine reminds me of a rolling stream on a hike in a national park - fresh spring water over a bed of rocks, fresh air all around. Once you get it in your mouth, it’s citrus acid bath time! Grapefruit and lemon overpower everything, and a load of acidity - crisp, clean, sharp acidity. The minerality shows up again in the finish, and it finishes gradually and cleanly.

I’m a guy who likes high acid wines, but this one is, while enjoyable to folks like me, WAY too young. I will be holding the rest of mine for at least a few years. (89 pts.)

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Yes, a lovely little Chablis indeed. My 6 bottles evaporated quickly, but I managed to tuck away 6 bottles of the even better Tète d’Or instead. As my recent note of the 2004 proves, it’s well worth your while to cellar them.

Thank you, Mike - yes, it has all the qualities of a Chablis that is NOT ready to drink now, but will turn into something quite lovely. A few years will do these bottles wonders. I need to change my drinking window on them to be sure I don’t pull them on accident.

I also need a trip to the dentist for some work on the missing enamel on my teeth

It would seem my tolerance for acidity is somewhat higher than yours… [wink.gif]

All kidding aside, I drunk mine within six months of them coming out last year. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have clammed up something chronic since then. Many other 2007’s have.

Hard to beat AOC Chablis and…yes… it will age. Billaud is a great producer.