TN: 2007 Daniel Rion Vosne Romanee

This is singing and a really lovely drink today and is one of the best 07s that I have tried. With good density, showing vicid dark fruits, trimmed with subtle spice. It has lovely purity, ripeness and just races down the gullet, as it is so silky texturally. I might need to check in on a few more 07s…maybe they’ll turn out like the 2000s?

Hi Kent, sounds really good and very open for business and not shut down at all.

Thanks for the note


From your mouth to God’s ear.

That would be good.

I tasted a 2007 Cathiard Malconsorts that was also very open and pretty, if a bit primary. I agree that 2007’s are likely to mature early and stay pretty for a while. There is a bit more density and sweetness than 2000 possessed at the same age though, almost like 97’s but with greater poise.

I can’t imagine God listening to me!