TN: 2007 Conn Valley Prologue Cabernet Sauvignon

This is is one of Alex’s private selection wines and so far it is the only dissapointment, for my palate, of course.

The wine is typical of the Conn Valey Cabs profile with lots of blackcurrant notes, but not much after that. The differnce is that it feels like a trainer wine, you know, dilluted with water. Nice on the nose, weak on the palate. About $19 and not worth it.

But no off smell/tastes like in the note for the 06, just not good.


You got it already?? I bought a few. Sounds like XMAS gifts. [emot-pwn.gif]

Jack, my thoughts exactly. I donate to Mel an inordinate amount of wines, and they love them, so no total loss.

But as an aside, some of the wines that Alex is offering are just amazing. The Jean Laurent and the Pine Ridge Oakville were great offerings.

And Jack, check out george’s modern kitchen and nine ten menus. We may go there as the food is better.

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Otto I used to but can’t anymore. I have a frozen right (figures) arthritic shoulder. I can still play good golf but no serve so no tennis. [shrug.gif]

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Love is blind Otto. [drinkers.gif] [gheyfight.gif]


Here’s my note from the other board on the 2005. Sounds like we are in agreement.

I picked up a couple bottles in the low $20’s based on a retailer recommendation.

Upon opening, it had a great nose - lots of black and red berry with some good spice. But the taste did not live up to the nose. Tasted kind of thin - sour cherries and cranberry on the entry but no midpalate to speak of and a long enough but thin finish. I wasn’t expecting anything great from the wine at the price point, but I expected more than it delivered. Not undrinkable by any means, but not something I will look forward to in the future.

Comparing the similarities of your note to mine, it looks to me that this must be the style they are after, though I can’t see the reason for that.

Hey Bruce, it sure looks like the same wine though 2 vintages removed. But why would anyone go after a good nose, hollow palate wine is beyond me? There is a note here on the 06 but it does not sound like what we had, more like an off bottle.

Glad I only got 3 bottles, as I was tempted to go long on this wine.


I had missed that note on the 06. That does sound truly awful. As I recall, CV just started the Prologue with the 2005, and it was sold to me as giving a hint of the Conn Valley reserve but ready to drink young. Between our lousy ones and the the 06 notes, its clear that they don’t really know what they should be doing with it.

Like you, I am glad I only took a couple.