TN: 2007 Cayuse Camaspelo (USA, Washington, Columbia Valley,

  • 2007 Cayuse Camaspelo - USA, Washington, Columbia Valley, Walla Walla Valley (5/29/2010)
    5-1/2 hour double decant and bottle left open in the cellar. 67% cabernet; 25% merlot, 8% cab franc. This is a great wine. My wife and I both loved it. Complex red fruit and meaty flavors with some chocolate notes and a bit of something that reminded me of caramel without the sweetness. Very nice mouthfeel (almost velvety from the merlot), dark color, and power than did not shrink away from the grilled New York strip steak we had for dinner. There is a lot going on in this wine and each taste revealed additional flavor potential. My first Cayuse. If the Camaspelo is this good, the Bionic Frog syrah, which is supposed to be significantly better, must be other worldly. (93 pts.)

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Great note Jay. I usually prefer the Cama with some time sideways but I thought the 07 barrel sample was very approachable, Glad you enjoyed. And yes…the Frog is other wordly!

Winter 2013-14 will be the 1st taste from my 3-pack.

This bottle (Camaspelo) has made great strides in recent vintages, starting at about the 2005 vintage. Glad to hear it was a positive experience for you Jay. Expect the unexpected when you do finally get to the Frog, it will be quite a contrast to Cayuse’s Bordeaux blends.

Nice to see you break your Cayuse cherry! The Camaspelo has been a darn good wine the past three or four vintages. It has always kind of been maligned as the red-headed stepchild of the Cayuse lot but is a great wine in its own right. Glad you and your wife enjoyed it.

Now you just need to dig into a syrah or grenache!