TN: 2007 Caymus Special Selection--wow wine

Took a bottle to my local Italian for lunch. The wine was uncorked and poured. It was ready to go from the get-go. It’s a fruit forward wine that shows medium to low acidity, and very mellow resolved tannins (will it age?) and oak that is beautifully integrated that gives the wine spice and cocoa taste. It is a seamless wine where everything plays like a well honed orchestra. Powerfull, but not over the top. One of my best young Cabs ever.

Yup. Five years and this will be awesome.

The Caymus SS is almost always a wow wine. The question is whether one willing to pay the price for that wow. For myself, maybe not before, but given that Caymus is one of the few prestige labels that has actually reduced their prices recently, I think they warrant some serious consideration.

The 94 was the first wine that ever brought me to tears, 13 years ago. I admit it was part of an incredible dinner experience, but was just perfect to me, at that moment. flirtysmile

Damn Otto. I have been good and have passed them up at my local store for $99.99 and now you post this - making me seriously reconsider.

I think a good chunk of the fruit comes from Lewelling. It is tempting to purchase the Caymus and then I realize I can get a bottle of Wight AND regular Lewelling for less than $99…DOH!

Well, I agree that $100 per is something to make me think thrice, but I got my 6 bottle case for $450. The 06 cost me $390, and I liked it very much (it also required more air time to strut its stuff) but the 07 is a step above. Again I stress that the somewhat lack of tannins may make the 07 a candidate for early drinker, but it is so delish so why delay the gratification?