TN: 2007 Carlisle Syrah Russian River Valley

Not Blackberry Mochaccino!!

After Todd posted the note on the 06 Carlisle zin I decided to pull this for dinner tonight. I dont care for Carlisle zins but I think Mike does a great job with his syrah. I bought a 6er of this stuff a couple of years ago and this is the third bottle. By far my favorite so far as it begins to pick up some complexity and mellow out a bit. 07 was a ripe year, this wine clocks in at 14.1%. It is a new world wine with some old world character.

Great stuff!

  • 2007 Carlisle Syrah Russian River Valley - USA, California, Sonoma County, Russian River Valley (2/21/2011)
    Decanted close to three hours prior to this note. Right upon opening this was extremely tannic, dark and unforgiving. After some air time the wine really started to open up. Extremely dark color, ruby edges with a black core. Wonderful nose of roasted meats, grilled beef drippings, cigar shavings, black baking chocolate, freshly ground white pepper, a bit of road tar and creosote. Nose continues to evolve with roasted espresso beans, dark cocoa, a touch of creamy toasted oak, black berries, hint of raspberries and some creme de casis. Medium body with drying tannins on the back end. Still rather tight and locked up on the palate. Nice dark fruits, cigar smoke, darker fruit profile on the palate, stacked with fruit, more of a meaty character and a bit of minerality. This is a wonderful CA syrah with a touch of old world character to it. Great wine that will continue to age for many more years. (93 pts.)

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Great note. I really miss this bottling. If I had only known it was the last, I would have gone far & wide to get more.

Tyler… medium-rare please. Thanks, chief. I’ll bring some Maybach for your troubles.

sorry jeb, rare plus in our household [basic-smile.gif]

So you’re saying you did this deadhorse then served it. haha. I think I can live with rare +

Happen to be sipping on one of these right now. Not much I can add to your great note. The wine did improve considerably after the first 45 minutes of air and is continuing to open up, now in hour 3. For me probably 91 points - but an amazing value at the $20 I paid for it.

Tyler where did you get that beautiful beef?

I’m not sure if you’re bragging about:

the wine
the decanter
the steak