TN: 2007 Carillon Puligny-Montrachet

2007 Puligny-Montrachet - Louis Carillon

A light yellow colour and a fresh but slightly toasty nose are very enticing… clear fruits and minerality on the palate with a solid acid spine which does really carry the wine through to the finish and, of course, gives it a wonderful freshness… Its delineation is beautiful and the droiture shouts “Puligny”. I love it. Really do… glad I have some others and will stock up.

My 2 years old daughter loves it too. The name, at least…
Salome: “C’est quoi ta bouteille, Papa?”
Daddy: “C’est un Puligny-Montrachet”
Salome: “Oh, c’est un joli nom”
Daddy: “Moi aussi, je t’aime, ma puce”

Do you mind if I ask how much this costs in your market?

Because in our market, it is simply astronomical [off the top of my head, I think it’s in excess of $55].

Not sure about others but I bought it for $35.

it depresses me that I’ve been taking French lessons for about 7 years and your daughter’s French is at least as good and probably better than mine.

I have 04, 05, and 06 but have not popped for the 07, yet. I’m slightly long on white Burgs at the moment but Carillon is my fav PM producer. Thanks for the notes. Enticing!

Thanks for the note, really cute bit from your daughter too. I’ve had this wine and love it too.

Like Ryan, I saw $35-40 for the '07, don’t remember exactly though, but definitely under $40.


The Carillon brothers (now separating into two domaines) make the best villages PM I’ve ever experienced, so I am not surprised about how good this one seems.

interesting–is the tiny parcel of Bienvenue being split?


Who will get what Stuart?

Good question. I got a note from Jacques Carillon a month or so ago about the division, but no specifics, other than that they were marketing the 2008s together, still. I meant to contact him, and just sent an email with that question. I will report back if I hear back.

Their website has both addresses on it, but no specifics. Louis Carillon | Wine Wholesaler and Importer

Thanks. Am very curious as they have very choice parcels and so little of the BBM.

Also how come no Santenay Blanc amongst those parcels? I never knew they made one then saw a bottle of the 2006 at a Brooklyn wine store for too much money. Like $54.

Some of these estates we think, Lyle, we know so well, we don’t. Though I never heard they made a Santenay blanc (or the Chassagne listed on their site), I am well aware of their reds, though I’ve never owned one. On a visit during Xmas season 1999, I had my wife, two sons (then six and 12) and a first cousin;s daughter from Paris who is half french and was in college, with me. It was very cold; none of them were too interested in tasting much and we had already visited three estates that day. Jacques insisted that I try the 1999 (and 1998) red lineup…which, unbeknownst to me, he kept at a separate, cuverie somewhere in the village or maybe St. Aubin. The others thought I had requested to taste the reds, which I hadn’t even known they made. They were, needless to say, not enthusiastic about tasting Chassagne rouge and St. Aubin rouge; nor was I really. I got blamed, though. (I declined on subsequent visits.)

On the flip side to that, I have visited Michel Niellon on each trip since 1988. Around the same time of the Xmas '99 visit (it was Xmas eve day and his grandkids were there and things were relaxed), so I asked again to taste his reds, which I had never tasted…or seen anywhere (I still haven’t). He finally explained that he wasn’t that proud of them and sold them off, because he got so much more for his whites that it wasn’t worth the effort. I don’t know if anyone has ever tasted his reds; maybe they aren’t identifiable as his, but…I haven’t.

Just fyi - Southern California wholesale through Vineyard Brands was $38. Long live the gray market, I guess…

She’s been on a special course. I believe your daughter went to a few classes too. Next one is “Corton-Charlemagne”, which I do believe your daughter mastered extremely well at about the same age.

About the split, I am not sure about the vineyards but I know that the customers have been “split” too… Maybe indicating the vineyards have been split in two… wondering about the BBM as it was a very little production… I’ll call them on Monday to find out.

Thanks for the note Michael, text book Puligny for mine.

Our daughter (nearly 5) has been learning French for about 12 months and has been too shy to speak any French at home. Yesterday she did tell us, right out of the blue, that fish is La Poisson so she knows a lot more than she is letting on.

Best Regards

I had this earlier in the year and a lovely drink but a bit young as I remember. I remember thinking very well made village Puligny. I unfortunately don’t age white Burgs due to premox. Would love to taste it in 5+ years but I have no more.

I bought this at the Wine House for $49.99…

Our son Anselme has been training for 10 months, but so far, it’s only “aahh—rrrr” … We’re training to say “Avize”.

Alan/Jeremy, I wish my kids would speak only half of English of what yours speak French.