TN: 2007 Cantillon Iris

2007 Cantillon Iris

Bottled Feb. 2010.

Enjoyed in a 22 oz. Riedel red wine glass.

Appearance - Deep golden glowing, slightly hazy, copper bronze.
Two finger fluffy head that subsides in a couple minutes to a thin foamy head with a decent amount of foamy lacing.

Aroma - Big, round, wheaty, malty, floral, earthy key-lime, funky, Lambic Brett & lactic nose with a nice noble, earthy hint of hops.
Low VA & fairly tame, fruity Brett.

Palate - Malty lactic. Medium-light sourness - less sour than standard Cantillon Lambic. Slightly grainy wheat in fore-palate. Round earthy hop bitterness comes in after mid-palate.
Round herbal lemon & key-lime fruitiness. Light funk, but typical Lambic complexity.
Amazing balance & combination of flavors. Hint of malt sweetness, but fairly dry.
Flavor is huge, intense & perfect.

Mouthfeel - Good carbonation. Grainy, creamy, full, slightly attenuated lambic/lactic with Great, full, complex, predominantly hoppy finish.

Drinkability - Pretty amazing considering all the flavors stuffed into this bottle.

96 Points

A+/4.8 in the beeradvocate’s clunky, obtuse scoring system.

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L-O-V-E this stuff!!!

No exaggeration to say this is one of the greatest brews on this planet. YEE-HA! flirtysmile

PROOST! [cheers.gif]


great note. I love this beer and all Cantillon. I count almost everything I’ve had from them among the world’s best.

great note, Rob. Thanks for posting! [cheers.gif]

Got one on tap. Maybe tomorrow. Sounds awesome!

You guys deserve to be punished for getting me interested in beers that are $20 per 24oz. [tease.gif]

You’re welcome!



Drinking one of these currently, WOW, is this good. Sour, fruity, hoppy, sour, funky, great color, did I say sour? YUM!