TN: 2007 Cameron Hughes Cabernet Sauvignon Lot 147 (USA, California, Sonoma County)

Very dark purple. On the nose obvious oak, dark red fruit and a decided chocolate component. Some heat shows (15.2%) but doesn’t detract too much. Quite big on the palate, lush dark ripe fruits with more of the chocolate/mocha. A bit of a tannic backbone. Finishes with more spice and chocolate and on day two some surprising notes of olives.

An interesting drink and one that will likely be a hit with those that love a riper style. I wish they’d toned down the oak. This reminds me some of the Layer Cake 2007 but I think it has more potential for improvement. A very good deal at $13 delivered. This makes me want to try some of the more “serious” lots. (88 pts.)

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I have said it in a couple other threads…the Lot 143 is the CH wine to be chasing. 147 is good for the coin and should provide to be a non-wino crowd pleaser. 143 in five years will compete against the big boys IMHO.

I’m really starting to dislike you! Ordered 8 of the 143 and 4 of the 164 and I blame you.

Anybody in the Triangle want to split some of the 143, 147 and 164 with me?

Bill, have you tried the 116? It’s also going to be huge…

Chris, I didn’t realize you were in NC…I was born & raise in Raleigh and go back a couple times a year…definitely should pop a few bottles together next time I’m up there.

Have not seen it around here, but I’ll be on the lookout this weekend when I make the rounds to our Costcos.

Sounds good. I’m in Carrboro.

I’ve also got some 121, 149 & 164 coming, so I’ll give those a quick taste after a few days resting in the cellar.