TN: 2007 Cadence Coda (USA, Washington, Columbia Valley)

  • 2007 Cadence Coda - USA, Washington, Columbia Valley (6/20/2009)
    Decanted 1 hr. Higher than normal percentage of merlot for this blend 57%, followed by 18% cab, 13% cab franc and 12% petit verdot. Nervy, high toned pitches of black raspberry on the nose paired with the floral top note that I often associate with this producer. Easily the most structured Coda I’ve come across to date, as the smoky plum flavors carry an almost resiny quality that had me thinking of stem inclusion, though I don’t think is actually the case. Mid palate sees the emergence of a saline quality, a distinct green olive trait that carries to the firm, tannic, and somewhat abrupt finish. Time should eventually round this into form, but I see no reason not to enjoy these today, all the more so for the asking price of $24. (90 pts.)

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Sounds nice. Thanks for the note.


I’ve had a few wines from Cadence in recent months (none from the '07 vintage yet), and I really like their style. They make some really nice wines. Have you had other vintages of the Coda? If so, how does this compare?

Mark, I too have always enjoyed the Cadence wines, and the Coda is an annual purchase for me given the low to mid twenties price point. From the newsletter, it sounds like that the merlot component even surprised Ben Smith, who thought it initially not worthy of the reserve wines, hence the Coda designation, but apparently it added a lot weight and structure after it had sat in the barrel a spell. I can attest to that from what was in my glass last night. If you haven’t tried one yet, give the Bel Canto a spin, a right bank concoction of Cab Franc and Merlot, usually a very complex, yet classy and elegant. Age worthy too.


I have a good friend who is big into Washington wines and got me started on them, I had the Bel Canto (03?) at his house about 3 months ago and it was fantastic, really nice. I drank a '00 Ciel du Cheval Cab from them about a month ago and it tasted like it was 2yrs old, terrific juice. I’ll have to start actively searching and buying any '07s from them. I think it’s going to be a special vintage.