TN: 2007 Brick House "Select" Willamette Valley Pinot Noir


Has this been released?

Nice. Thanks for the note.

Have you tried the Barrelmakers Batch?


Yeah, I bought it at retail.

Did you drink the 07 Westrey Justice?

Nope - haven’t seen it, either. To go into a bit more detail now that I’ve seen if anyone would comment on a one-word TN, this is simply delicious. Very pure with a tiny streak of anise that’s interesting, but perhaps a bit more sweet fruit than I might like. Anyone dismissing the 2007s or damning them with faint praise is going to have egg on his face.

Not yet, but it’s on tap along with the '07 Evesham Wood La Grive Bleue.

Right now Doug is selling the Barrelmakers Batch direct.

I am really looking forward to the 07s. I found many 06s a bit ordinary. I have loved the 07s I have tried … although some were in barrel so take that with a grain of salt.


Hmmm… Did the La Grive Bleue just release?


It must have. I bought it at retail last Saturday.

Emailing Russ. Since I never see these locally I just buy direct. Loved the 07 WV bottling.


I got my Evesham this week. I’m surprised to hear the Brickhouse is out. I was asking my rep about them. Doug didn’t mention anything about these when he came through last weekend. Time to further investigate.