TN: 2006 Tahbilk Viognier (Australia, Victoria, Central Victoria)

  • 2006 Tahbilk Viognier - Australia, Victoria, Central Victoria (12/29/2009)
    Man this is tasty juice! Medium gold in the glass with absolutely delicious aromas of honeyed candle wax, almonds, petrol and flowers. On the palate it’s refreshingly bright and juicy with a faint pink grapefruit note coming through. It certainly has weight and even somewhat of an oily texture. A little one-dimensional at the moment; may develop secondary flavors later on. A fantastic buy at under $10. (88 pts.)

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WAY under $10…

Dayum straight homes! [rofl.gif]

Oily and petrol are not two descriptors I tend to find in Viognier… but it sounds worth a shot…

Fish sauce and cinnamon are not descriptors I tend to find in Cabernet Sauvignon, but there you go!


Agreed on the petrol note. Unfortunately I’m not too familiar with the smell of “lanolin”, which is what norrmally would come out, so I went with petrol. The body of the wine is certainly viscous enough to merit the “oily” moniker.

Just think back to your days in Centro Americano at the boy bars - that’s lanolin.

Or I could just hang out with Tex a little more.

Under $10 in the US? Wow. I visited Tahbilk in '02 and brought the viognier back to the US. Wasn’t imported at that time. Loved the marsanne for years. That viognier was about like this one, nice but not exceptional. Still, it’s here and less than $10? Scary.