TN: 2006 St. Innocent Pinot Shea Vineyard

Pop and poured.

What to drink with Copper River Salmon? Pinot. Now I’m not the biggest fan of St. Innocent, especially their other vineyards and generally there’s not much value for the price, I find most of their wine too big for what I like in a pinot…however this Shea vineyard pinot really hit the spot, elegant, flavorful, and smooth. They finally got this one right. SS(Steve Saxon) 92 points.

Meaningless. What is the JB score?

[rofl.gif] JB: 69



I had Salmon last night as well and I opened the 2006 St. Innocent Justice Vineyard. My impressions are very similar to yours of the Shea and I would give it 92 points as well.

Great minds…

Wow, you just made my day. [worship.gif] [worship.gif] I guess I’m starting to learn more about Pinot. [thankyou.gif]

Thanks for the note. I skipped Oregon pinots in 06 but I do have a bottle or this. I did taste it back in January while up at the vineyard and thought it was doing okay for an 06. If you like the Shea, you might like the Justice. Funny, I would think of the Shea as one of the bigger SI pinots, especially when compared to the 7 Springs or Freedom Hill. And I don’t think you can get much bigger than the 06 Shea.


QPR is relative and personal, of course, but I paid $36.50 at retail for the 06 SI Shea, and Vinopolis has the 08 for $37 right now. To me not so bad for an SVD from a well known vineyard.

The 06 Justice was a bit more at $41.50, and it looks like the 08 has crept up to $47, so yes, getting up there for those of us watching our wallets.