TN: 2006 Scott Paul La Paulee

Pop and Poured.

If served blind, I would not have picked this to be an Oregon Pinot, I would have guessed a French burg. Light, elegant and smooth…lovely nose and nice fruit. It’s open now, but I have a feeling there’s room for improvement. Well done Scott. [cheers.gif]

92 pts.

If you like the Le Paulee that much you MUST try the Audrey - Maresh fruit (my personal Oregon favorite.) The '08 should be stellar.

I don’t own any…hint, hint. flirtysmile

Hmm… I smell an Oregon Pinot tasting in the future…

If you’re ever free… neener

Tell me about it… oy…

A real shame, next Friday is opening day of crabbing season…I know what I’ll be eating and drinking.

Which Friday?

The 18th.

Ed and “free” should not be used in the same sentence. [cheers.gif]

Good call Roy! Cheap yes, free no way! [snort.gif]

July should be much mo bettah… We should have a mini pinot-fest at chez Murray in July sometime. 'Cept I have no idea what we’d eat - Saxon at all the Copper River!

Crabbing starts in the South sound on June 18th and the rest of the sound July 1st. I would be very disappointed if you guys can’t arrange your schedules to indulge in crab and wine.

And that go’s for the rest of the guys in the STG and BTG!

How long is the crabbing season?

So crab and White Burgundy and what with the AUDREY?

Crabbing season go’s til the end on Dec…however you want to be out there opening day for the best results.