TN: 2006 Rivers-Marie Cabernet Sauvignon (USA, California, Napa Valley)

  • 2006 Rivers-Marie Cabernet Sauvignon - USA, California, Napa Valley (8/4/2009)
    Traci needed a glass of red wine after a strenuous evening of tacos and margaritas in Alameda…so I popped and poured this wine. Nose is rich and ripe with some menthol, ripe cassis/and dark raspberry along with a little coconut. The palate is big with more menthol (not offputting Aussie menthol), ripe fruit, vanilla, tobacco leaf. Deeply layered and very tasty…92+/100 (92 pts.)

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Nice! What is the grape source?

Roy IIRC, the wine is mostly Outpost Cab (Howell Mtn) but combines some Cab from Maybach Vyd as well

Tony, we still need to get together for a wine or two sometime. [drinks.gif]

Is this the 06 or the 04? Your CT note links to the 04.


Oh oh, I don’t like menthol. Not sure of the difference between Aussie menthol and Napa menthol. Have tasted both. Don’t like either. Yuk. Is it eucalyptus-like? (If so, double-yuk.) Tony, to your palate, are the 2007’s similar? Should I open a 2006 before committing to buy 2007?

I did not find any menthol in the 2003.

Jason - my error. It is the 2006.

Errol - I don’t like eucalyptus either and normally don’t like menthol but in this case it works in the wine…more mint than menthol really.

I don’t recall what the final blend was for the 2007 but i think it was more valley floor fruit than outpost (howell mtn) fruit…but I am operating from memory.

The 2007 components were very, very good at harvest and early on in barrel so I would definitely be a buyer.

your note is similar to what i tasted when i popped it! =)

Just got some, cannot wait to pop it.

Errol; I tasted the '07 last week and like Tony, I am definitely a buyer.


Ditto…one of the few cabs I will buy this year but I am in. TRB got it priced right.