TN: 2006 Ridge Mazzoni Home Ranch

Pretty nice ATP wine from Ridge just out of the box today at lunch. 58% Zin with 40% Carignane and a bit of Petite Sirah. This wine is a bruiser! Dark purple in the glass with a reserved nose of dark cherries, blackberries and some mint. Very little overt AM oak per the Ridge style for these ATP wines in the nose right now but I’m certain it is hidden underneath. Thick and tannic in the mouth with great intensity. Obviously needs a while notwithstanding EB’s note on the back label. Reminds me a bit of some of the Rosso Conero wines from Le Marches I’ve been trying lately in anticipation of a trip to Italy in the spring.


Damned Ridge ATP wines.!!! When I try them fresh off the boat, I’m generally pretty underwhelmed by them. Pleasant enough wines, but don’t
generate much excitement for me. But they have this way of rising up and biting you on the a$$ down the road w/ a few yrs of age.
This Mazzoni was boring as heck when I first tried it. Like most of the Ridge '06 ATP’s. Sounds like it’s doing pretty good now, though. Thanks for
the note, Chris.