TN: 2006 Rhys Alesia Pinot Noir San Mateo County

  • 2006 Rhys Alesia Pinot Noir San Mateo County - USA, California, San Francisco Bay, San Mateo County (5/28/2010)
    First a llittle backstory. This wine is de-classified Rhys Family Farm. Declassified - so Rhys is not particularly proud of this.

13.8% alcohol. Medium ruby red. very expressive red and black fruit aromas. Concentrated cherry, strawberry, rasberry and asian spice flavors. Very well balanced. Lingering aftertaste.

This wine has improved very markedly since release. It is a delightful wine. And Rhys didn’t feel that it was quite up to snuff. Just one reason why I value Rhys! (92 pts.)

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This is a lovely wine, as you point out, Mike. And the best QPR that I’ve ever found for CA pinot at $23. Kevin has admitted it was a mistake to label this Alesia rather than Rhys San Mateo County. In my opinion, this could very proudly carry the Family Farm name… but I don’t run the joint so what do I know??

Great to hear how this is progressing. Agreed it is a hell of a bargain. Hard to keep my hands off these but I have made it a year now. Plan to dig one out in a few months.


Completely agree! Opened one last night and it was MUCH better than the last one I opened last August. Not that the first one wasn’t good, by any means, it just was a bit tart. However last night, this wine was singing and soooo delicious. When I told my husband we paid $29 for it including free shipping, he wanted to know why we didn’t buy a case!

Ditto on everything that has been said.
Sadly, I only have one bottle left.

I’ve still got 7 bottles…patience is such a beautiful thing. neener [tease.gif]

The decision to declassify this wine was debated endlessly last year. However, over the past 6-9 months, it seems that the tasting notes have gradually begun to sound more positive. I’ve been sitting on my last 8 bottles happily watching the improvement.

IMO this wine could have been labeled Rhys San Mateo County with no ensuing debate. Family Farm? It might take a few years to answer that question until that vineyard establishes itself and develops a track record.

I’ve had this twice and it is outstanding, especially for the price.

Another fan of this wine. Thanks Kevin for the qpr on this wine.

My bottles of the 06 san mateo are long gone. [drinkers.gif]
Having tasted the 07 and 08 lineups, I concurred with the decision to declassify the 06 Family Farm. Maybe it has really blossomed in the bottle.

this was one of my best buys ever (bought 5 cases so I could give some to my clients). Glad I still have two cases left so I can follow this over the next few years. I also am thankful for the declassifying of this wine. this has to be the QPR of the decade!