TN: 2006 McHenry Pinot Noir Estate Vineyard

  • 2006 McHenry Vineyard Pinot Noir Estate Vineyard - USA, California, San Francisco Bay, Santa Cruz Mountains (11/13/2009)
    Nice nose of spice and some dark fruits but where this wine really shines is on the palate with an elegant style that takes you straight to the Côte de Nuits region of Burgundy. With only 12.8% alcohol, it’s very easy to enjoy this wine without ‘side effects’. As the vineyard matures on the tiny McHenry estate, the wines are becoming more complex and I think that this 06 Estate Pinot Noir is my favorite to date from this producer. A ridiculously good QPR at $24. (93 pts.)

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The '06 Swan Clone is also impressive. Some good things going one here for sure.

I was a screaming fan of the '05 but didn’t enjoy the '06 when I tasted it at the winery this spring. Having been widely disappointed by '06 Pinot across the board, I chalked it up to the vintage, but I’ll give it another shot.

Sounds really nice Rob.
I am also a big fan of the '05. Have yet to buy any '06.
Need to get some.

I am with you. I did not enjoy this wine at all. K&L has loads of it but you will not find it at the SF store as the buyer there did not like it either.

Can you guys elaborate on what you didn’t like about the '06?
Just curious.


How is it inferior or different form the 2005? I’ve been planning to hit up K&L for several bottles of the 2006, but without having tasted the 2005, I’m buying purely on board recommendations and CT notes. At the bargain price of $24, I might not be as picky as some.

I personally prefer the Estate to the ‘Swan Clone’ for 06 but regardless of that, it’s pretty tasty.

Interesting. I have not tried the '06 Estate. Sounds like I need to – if nothing more than to compare to the '06 Swane Clone and '05 Estate.

As with the previous requests for comparisons of the '05/'06 Estate, can you elaborate on the differences between the '06 Estate and Swan Clone?

This is the first I’ve read anything negative about a McHenry pinot. In CT the reviews of the 2006s are nearly universally positive (and their is at least one comparison there between the estate and Swan clone on release). I haven’t tried any of mine yet and was planning on letting them sit for a while but I am intrigued. I don’t know if I’m intrigued enough yet to open one, but I am intrigued. I’m still lovin’ the 2004 and 2005s.


I want to try them up against each other, but I really felt that the Estate had a bit more depth this time around. In previous vintages it was the opposite.

Same things I don’t like about most '06 Pinots - clunky, angular, extracted and bitter, lacking in finesse. Too many good '07s to waste any more money or time on '06s.

My impression of the '06 Estate is that it has a lot of complexity, but NEEDS time to come together. I popped one more recently and it’s getting there. Give it another 9 months. Should be comparable to the '04 Estate.

The '06 Swan is a lot more intense. On par with the '05. Both ready now and should age longer and better.

I had the 06 Swan last night and I thought that it just had what I would call “more rough edges” compared to the Estate which just seemed to be very well rounded from start to finish. Both are very nice and with the tiny little production that McHenry has, I’m happy enough with whatever vintage I can find, especially since they are still under $25.