TN: 2006 Maybach Materium Cabernet

2006 Maybach Family Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Materium - USA, California, Napa Valley, Oakville (8/5/2009)
Decanted at 6:30pm and tasted immediately. Huge, appealing nose of crushed ripe red fruit (cherries, berries) with hints of nutmeg. Big and rich in the mouth with terrific mouthfeel. Long finish of kirsch, cocoa, and ripe plums. A delicious wine with a lot of up-side for the next 10-15 years.
Open 2 hours now: Opening quite slowly, but showing additional nuances of coffee and licorice. I think this will be terrific in 5-10 years. Gorgeous smoke-grilled lamb chops really show off this wine. Superb length. Amy loves it. (93-96 pts.)
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Nice note, Ken. Makes me want to…open a Maybach.

Great note Ken. I have 6 because of my man Pobega from NY and really look forward to opening one one day when Big Brother tells me that it is safe to do so.
[thankyou.gif] neener [bow.gif]

Couldn’t agree more, even made me start buying Cabs again. [oops.gif]

I bought the 06’ based on the 05’ I had in Dallas and you are right, it’s the shizzle !!

Not now.
Not now.
Not now.

very unbordeaux of you.

good stuff for sure, nice note

Agreed, this is amazing stuff. I had it back in April, with an excellent steak and chocolate cake, yeah the cocoa made it an excellent match with the cake.

You know…I need to pop another one. I bought a bunch because I think it was Bill (my hero) who raved and raved about it. The one I had was good to be sure but my expectations might have been too high. Gotta recheck…Ill put one on the launch pad for tomorrow.


If you didn’t find much in it the last time, maybe give it a longer decant this time.

I have a little left which I plan on tasting tomorrow. (I have a pinot tasting tonight.)

I plan to…gonna open it in the morning. While on the subject and sorry for the drift, since all of you are interested in these brawny wines, anyone tried an Absurd yet? Any thoughts on it? I have a three pack and have no idea when to crack one. How about the Eras? Anyone?

If I’m not mistaken, the Absurd is mostly PV, correct?
Best to email Juan or Wendell.

From the Realm site:
“2005 The Absurd is a special blend derived from our best barrels. It was intended to be the most powerful and complex wine from our 2005 vintage portfolio and yet possesses the same elegance and finesse that we associate with our other 2005 vintage wines. This wine is a blend of 41% Cabernet Sauvignon (from the Beckstoffer To Kalon & Farella vineyards), 35% Petit Verdot (from the Beckstoffer Dr. Crane vineyard), and 24% Merlot (from the Dominus vineyard). 2005 The Absurd was bottled in May 2007 and so it has had the benefit of 22 months of bottle aging prior to being released.”

That is an absurd blend. I would think that with a blend that high in PV you might want to wait some more since PV does have a tendency to give off green leafy notes when young.

Realms need sleep - especially the blends. I am not a huge ager of Napa wine, but these are ones I do/would.

Bill you are drinking one next Friday that is finally opening up that is having its bar Mitzvah next Month.

Maybe I’ll see if Juan wants to join us for a drink after dinner…

I see the 06 Maybach just got 96 points from Laube last evening.

I didn’t see him around the house. He must have been a Ninja taster.

Is this meant as an indictment? [stirthepothal.gif]