TN 2006 Maybach Materium Cabernet Savignon

I have been looking for a good reason to crack open one of these after all of the great reviews.
Tonight, I had my new lady friend up for dinner. I found a couple of prime NY Strips at Costco and although I don’t eat much red meat I figured what the hey tonight is my 06 Maybach initiation so cow it will be.
I made my great 3 color pepper stir fried noodle shrimp salad for openers. The Maybach was decanted 1 1/2 hours and poured as I grilled the steaks.
I bit into the steak, and then took a sip of this nectar. Wow, great juice. Wonderful symmetry, mocha, cassis, a little licorice and a subtle flawless finish. Tannins totally in check, just simply great juice. Glad I have 5 more.
I had the 07 out of Mag in Napa with Tex and the crew in Napa.
That was a great bottle as is the 06. Buy buy buy. TRB rocks. [worship.gif]
JB flirtysmile flirtysmile flirtysmile flirtysmile [thumbs-up.gif]

Wow, four flirties AND a thumbs up!

That’s 4+ out of 5 on the JB scale. That means it rocks.

Shouldn’t you be with your lady friend and not on WB?

She had to get back to her kids. Single Parenting is a bitch. hitsfan

Man… I had this… in October with the 05 Maybach and the 06 seemed so oak ridden to me… but everyone else liked the 06 more than the 05. I guess i’m the only one who doesn’t like it all that much =(

Is the 07 released? How did Tex get it? CT shows several TN and one person in possession of 750s and mags?

Charlie was your bottle decanted? The oak in the wine wasn’t intrusive at all last night.
Maybe Todd’s bottle variation theory like with Lewelling.
Ken, Tex invited Chris Maybach to the Napa fest at Carrie and Randy’s but he couldn’t make it so he sent a mag of the 07. That bottle had a little oak but had only recently been bottled so not unexpected.

Maybach website says to be released Spring 2010.

Great note, jack.
Thanks for posting it.

Terrific wine. Fun to follow this from barrel to bottle since it was one of the most complete Cabernets I had tasted pre bottling. It was just smokin from the start. Traci came up to Outpost for bottling and while we worked she walked around with a huge glass straight from the tank…great stuff.

yeah decant. It never shed the oak the whole night

I’ll be opening one up on Saturday for our wedding anniversary dinner. Of course I am not at all oak adverse, but I will report back honestly on my perceptions.

What P-Rob said.

I did invite Chris Maybach to our little August get together, but he couldn’t make it at the last minute. As a consolation prize, he dropped off a recently bottle magnum of the 2007 Materium for us to enjoy. IIRC, it was opened for 4 or 5 hours before we started passing it around for folks to get a taste.