TN: 2006 Lucia Gary's

I keep forgetting how enormous these wines are. Every bit as big and juicy as any Saxum Ive ever had. Huge nose of blackberries, black pepper and beef. Thick, juicy palate with very ripe fruit but a great blast of acidity. Warning when it got warmer it was overripe, even for me. For the $28 I paid for it, AWESOME

You are talking about the Syrah, right? Notes suggest so, but there is a Syrah and Pinot with this name. Syrah is pretty enormous, but i like it that way! flirtysmile

Yeah, syrah…if there was a pinot this big, I would marry it [tease.gif]

Berto, thanks for the note. I drank this same bottling last month, my TN is below. What temp do you call warm? I’d be curious, as I did not find this wine to be too ripe when I drank it. We can surely agree on the acidity, as I most certainly found that in my note, too!

  • 2006 Lucia Syrah Garys’ Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Lucia Highlands (2/7/2010)
    This is my 4th bottle since release, and the wine continues to evolve. The oak I referenced in my older notes don’t hold true here. There is some chocolate, as I commented similarly a year ago, but it’s part of the wine now, a supporting actor in the total play. The nose has metal shavings and iron, and what I have not cited before, some ash. As for thecore of fruit, what I sense more now is a core of fruit, black but also as much red, in a black raspberry theme. Yes, the licorice from past bottles still carries through the finish, as does a healthy dose of citrusy acidity. Good mix of complex flavors, not all yet knitted together so I would offer more time in the bottle to let everything meld. Much more a middle spectrum showing, mixing the acidity, red fruits and still some nice palate weight.

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HA HA HA!! grouphug

Hi Frank. I dont know what the actual temp was, but it got warm. I ended up dunking the bottle in cold tap water. My buddy was lighting up coals for the hookah, and the bottle was sitting next to the stove. It wasnt hot to the touch but it was what I call steak house room temp. Wines always seem to be a little too warm in steak houses.