TN: 2006 Jean-Louis Chavy Puligny-Montrachet "Perrieres" 1er

Until I tried this wine I was getting the impression that most 06s are a little fat.

This shows minerality to the max and is tightly bound, the fruit bound tightly around its acidic core. The wine shows admirable purity, with barely a trace of oak spice.
Another roaring success from this producer who consistently flies under the radar. I note that AM has not reveiwed the wines since 2004, but I have only had positive experiences from these well priced wines.
Was really at its best on day three.


I have some of this.
Thanks for this nice note Kent.

don’t think I’ve ever seen this producer, but I’ll be on the lookout now. Glad that Barolo didn’t destroy your winetasting ability–or did you drink this one first?


Actually Alan, I tried the Chavy prior to the marcarini. Big acid folowed by big tannin - needed a beer after that…

I have been buying the Chavy’s since 2004 and have tasted a few from the 2000 vintage and they have all been understated, pure examples.

I note that the premeier crus are available in your market at around $40, which is a steal.