TN: 2006 Huntington Petite Syrah--great QPR

The wine is true to what you should expect from a PS. Gobs of blue and black fruit with some bacon fat. Really good and for $6.99 a tremendous QPR. I will get a case of this.

I’ve always thought this wine was a great PS for the price…which has always been about $12 in these parts. Is that price online?

David, this is the price at San Diego Wine Co. I had to go through a lot of inexpensive whites and reds because my wife is the one who has to provide the wine for a party. And since I am the “expert” it was up to me.

Went through a lot of crap, and this is the first wine I deemed good enough to post about.

And the white for me is the 2008 Ct. St. Jean Chardonnay.