TN: 2006 Holdredge Pinot Noir Mazie Rose

This wine comes somewhere between the Bucher and the Wren Hop. I did like this wine, it was more fruit forward than the Bucher but much more balanced then the Wren, the acid wasn’t as pronounced. A classic berry nose and raspberry mid palate. Fruit mostly demonstrates primary flavors with no secondaries present. I would say this wine has aging potential and will easily provide pleasure over the next 7-10 years. I still prefer the Bucher, but this one was clearly better than the 06 Wren. Another good effort from Holdredge. Now if you can just have patience, this wine will reward you down the road. My only regret is that Serge & Elsa did not make it over to share this bottle with us, something about dental work prevented him from participating in the festivities. Paired this with baked chicken and was quite complimentary. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Another good effort by John and co.

My Holdredge kick is now on hold for while :slight_smile: Thanks John for the great deal, it truly was a GREAT deal and I would buy that deal again (hint hint, f’en HINT HINT !!)>

With all this Holdredge talk I may have to pop one tonight.

Alan- John also makes a few great dessert wines that are a must try FYI. Here’s my note on the Grace’s Cuvee-

Grace’s Cuvee is a very well balanced wine with great acidity and also nice body. What is great about this wine is that it is rich and opulent without being fat at all. The acidity allows it to zing across the palate while the richness coats the mouth at the same time. On the nose it has apricots, a little peach, and a certain toastiness. In the mouth, honey and apricots again with a distinctive yogurt note on the finish. **** especially for the cost.


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