TN: 2006 Holdredge Pinot Noir Bucher

  • 2006 Holdredge Pinot Noir Bucher - USA, California, Sonoma County, Russian River Valley (3/8/2011)
    Popped and poured at a French Restaurant with my wife. It took very little time to open up, and it was very nice. A somewhat jammy fruity Pinot with bright cherry notes, some nice smooth tannins and a really long toasty finish. We gave a sample to the somewhat snobby French owner who took a sip, swirled it in his mouth, and then smiled and swallowed the wine (and his pride) by admitting it was very nice and compared nicely with its French distant cousins. Tell me what tasty Burgundy you can buy for $40? The answer: NONE!

John, here is a one-word way of describing a good job on this wine: WINNING! (Note-I do not think CS owns a trademark on the term yet so I am not violating Section 6 of the CellarTracker Terms & Conditions, am I?) (93 pts.)

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Have an '08 slated as part of my birthday dinner list Next weekend. Hope it shows well.

Had a bottle of this recently, as well, and it is singing. The 06 and 08 will make great drinking while the 05 and 07 age.

How was the acidity on this one? Had an '08 Old School recently, which I liked, after some airing, but found a bit too acid (it played better with food).

I did not experience too much acid, but frankly I like a little acid. I thought it was a hearty Pinot that paired quite nicely with my rack of lamb.

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Peter- acid was part of the point of the Old School- 100% whole cluster, searing acidity, low alcohol (13.2%). I personally like that kind of stuff, especially with age, but I also understand its not everyone’s cup of…pinot…the best Zin I ever made (for my palate) I practically had to give away because of the acidity. But now, at ten years it is still fresh, youthful- way more than I am to be sure.

+1 on acidity… to me, it is a very important component of what makes a wine refreshing… and not ponderous…

Nothing like dropping a little acid with Holdredge. I mean … no, I’m an acid freak. I find one of the admirable traits of John’s wines is that they retain superb natural acidity. That said, I do think the Old School might be the most acidic wine I’ve had from him. But they all have nice acidic kick, even the “11”.

Is purple or blue microdot? gel? or Adonis dna? [snort.gif]

gotta run, my Sheen dog just ran out the door… brb

I’m going to try to keep my hands off of my Old School for about 10-15 years. It will make a great “Cali Pinot DOES age” thread.

Having the 06 Bucher now. I like the acidity present in the wine. Fruit is nicely balanced for my taste.

John – tremendous effort. Am a big fan.

I saw recently in another post here (sorry, I don’t remember where, maybe a Burg thread) that if you Audouze acid wines for a good time (like 6 -8 hrs), they show better. Has anybody tried that with these?

John: we had a second bottle of the Old School '08 with a tomato dish (or something like that) and liked the wine a lot.

Glad to hear this wine is singing right now. I remember John noting a while back that this one would have to sit for a while, so I haven’t touched these. Looks like tonight is a good night to try one!

Ridiculously off base.

On the other hand, John’s 06 Bucher is a really nice Cali PN. The kind an open-minded Burghead should have no problem enjoying.