TN: 2006 Holdredge Pinot Noir Bucher (USA, California, Sonoma County, Russian River Valley)

  • 2006 Holdredge Pinot Noir Bucher - USA, California, Sonoma County, Russian River Valley (3/6/2010)
    Wine #2 of my Holdredge Exploration. If the RR was equivalent to a nice village Gevrey Chambertin, this single vineyard is like a Premier Cru. Popped an poured, out of the glass this wine has a darker, more opaque ruby color. Lots of cinnamon and spice on the nose, followed by a wave of crushed bing cherries. The wine evolves over time in the glass, fleshing out nicely to medium weight, silky on the palate with zippy red cherry fruit notes with a bit of a citrus overtone and more of that lively ‘crunchiness’ reminiscent of a Gevery Chambertin. I had this with a little pasta and red sauce, it was a pleasant and perfect match. Note: I left about a third of the bottle out overnight and this morning it’s showing a little more alcohol and sharp citrus. (91 pts.)

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in 2007 John hit a HR with this wine.

I have yet to try any of my BerserkerDay Holdredge pinots - this seems like a good one to open as a test run, huh?

I seem to recall many here used to post notes on some Holdredge wines that had a bit of age on them, but lately they seem to be more recent vintage postings.

Which of the 6 pack would y’all who have tried them would you recommend? I’ll crack one tonight!


My idea was to start with the basics so I popped the 07 RR first. This was the oldest, or one of them, in the pack, and it was a single vyd so it went 2nd.

Any info on the other wines or directions to info about them would be great. Not sure what to do with the old school/new school wines, those might have to be consumed side by side!

Perhaps at Berserkerfest!

I bought a 6 pack but haven’t had it shipped yet.

But I was also wondering what to do with all of them. Maybe John can give us some drinking windows or decanting time?

Or at this rate, we can expect all 6 notes from Brent by the end of the weekend! [berserker.gif]

Old School is not for now- still integrating (low alc 13.2 and high acid- think gillete razor blades in a glass- defintaley a good atch for food, but not for just siitting around drinking). New School is also an 08, I’d like to see a bit of time on it. but not as much as the Old School. The 06 Bucher is ready- but at 13.9 alc I was surprised to read Brent noticing alc on day 2. But what the heck. The 07 RR is ready to go also. Cant remember what else was in the pack.

'06 Mazie Rose and '06 Wren Hop

There we go!

Thanks John!

Drink 'em. (But not with Bob Wood- way too california! The Bucher might be more to his liking.)

So drink Bucher, Wren Hop, Mazie Rose, and '07 RR?

Should this be done all in one sitting?

Well yeah- we love that word “depletions”…

My last glass of Bucher didn’t show any alcohol. I guess I didn’t have a big enough pour this morning. [wink.gif]

Working on the Wren Hop now… [training.gif]

I’m working on Wren Hop now as well - will post notes shortly

Kimberly and I popped one of these tonight. I love the earthy, mushroomy nose, nice pure cherry fruit, just a hint of RRV cola(neener), some sap on the mid section, and a nice bright finish. Very well made. Nice, John. Thanks for the deal on these. [thumbs-up.gif]

John has more than just sap in the midsection. neener

I enjoyed this wine as well. It smells like cherry and strawberrry with nice citrus tang on the pallet. We drained the bottle pretty quick and that is always a sign of how much we like a wine. Thanks John! [thumbs-up.gif]

Gevrey? Sounds great. John, how can I get a(nother) visit invite? Would love to see what you are up to.