TN: 2006 Haut Bailly (long notes)

2006 Haut Bailly - Tasting Notes 7/1

Opened & decanted at 12:30 p.m. First pour at 6:30 p.m. w/o food.

Dark, deep crimson color, some menthol, forest - almost a wild coastal herb smell, a good bit of fruit on the nose but not overwhelming. Seems like a lot of layers here but possibly too early to discern? Anticipating the first taste…in a good way.

First taste: Hmm, not what expected. Strong up front but definitely young and tannic. Mid way through, it really starts to lack but the finish hangs on for a good 50-60+ seconds. First impressions: young, but elegant. Seems a bit disjointed from the front to middle but solid on the finish. Opened up a touch with food. Feels like its getting a bit better and coming together. All in all, the structure is there and this feels like a nice wine, just really early to be enjoying it. 1 hour in: Mid palate not as disjointed now, more cassis, fruit is definitely there. Might just need to let this one sit for a bit. 1/3 of the bottle left for tomorrow’s tasting.

Day 2: Nose of dark, plummy, dark fruits, coastal herbs still there but muted compared to the first night, maybe some slight barnyard today. The wine almost looks merky in the glass tonight. Maybe I didn’t notice this last night.

Way more straightforward in the mouth. Simple, not disjointed like last evening, a stronger fruit presence but dry, very dry. If I were to derive an equation of this wine tonight: Day 2 would yield 2/3’s ‘dry’, 1/6th ‘fruit’, 1/6th ‘young bordeaux’. The finish still lingers but I am a bit perplexed on this wine right now. Maybe its the vintage, maybe its the wine, only time will tell. I’ll go 91+ on this one at the present time.

(disclaimer: Day 2 tasting came after a bottle of 06 Alesia Sonoma Coast w/ the wife)

I had the 05’ Haut Bailly in April along with a few other wines. While I don’t have TN’s I do remember I liked the wine but I also had a Chat. Margaux…need I say more [blush2.gif]

Tasted this wine three times between April 2007 and October 2008; the first a barrel sample shown in London, the second time at the chateau, the third time in London again, the finished wine in bottle. My first taste failed to impress me, but subsequent tastes showed a much more balanced and stylish wine. Not a great Haut-Bailly in my opinion, I preferred the 05, 04, 03 and 02 (the latter surprisingly tasty although undoubtedly an 02) but a good wine nevertheless.