TN: 2006 Guy Breton Morgon Vieilles Vignes (France, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Morgon)

This wine keeps delivering for me. b

  • 2006 Guy Breton Morgon Vieilles Vignes - France, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Morgon (4/17/2012)
    Autumnal nose that smells of damp woods and sandalwood. Almost floral. Palate is full and round, a bit of acidity backing the viscous texture. Blind you might think it a village wine from Chambolle, perhaps. Very nice again.

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I tried to locally order some more recent vintages and this was all that was available. I bought a few to taste and I’ve been back a couple times now to get more.

Only 6 years from vintage, but showing some age. I’ve experienced some bottle variation, but they’ve all been tasty. The flavor profile of a couple bottles have been pretty simple, but most have shown an array of fruit, minerals, spice. A terrific bottle for the price.

I recommend decanting as all the bottles I’ve opened recently have been full of sediment.

Thanks for the note. Have you tried any recent vintages as comparison?

Agree with you Scott. Good points.
You buying them at Le Caveau?

I saw it there, but only after another store had gotten some from a distributor for me.

I just discovered Caveau recently. I liked the selection - it was the first time in years I’ve seen Foillard Morgon in Atlanta. And Puffeney, and Tue-Boeuf, and some tempting Riojas…

I’m never sure what is going on with distribution in Georgia. Why is 06 the only vintage of Breton available around here?