TN: 2006 Fess Parker Riesling Santa Barbara County

  • 2006 Fess Parker Riesling Santa Barbara County - USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Barbara County (7/8/2009)
    Nose has a nice immediately blast of minerality, along with the more typical sweet citrus, apple, and honeysuckle. Nice acidity that gives the wine a noticeable ‘pop’ in your mouth. Good mouthfeel, well balanced fruit, strong finish. For the money, this is a must-buy, and I wish I had picked up a case.

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Hey Larry,
Did you make this wine?

I was wondering the same thing…

We tasted it when we met Larry there at Fess Parker, just prior to the launch of Tercero.

I can’t take credit for ‘making’ any of the Fess Parker or Epiphany wines - I’m a mere ASSISTANT winemaker, for pete’s sake!

I really liked our 06 version and it sounds as if it is aging nicely. We’ve tried to ratchet back the RS on this wine and increase the acidity to make it more drinkable with food and a tad less overtly sweet . . .

Not bad for a wine you can have for about 10 bucks year in and year out, eh?!?!??!!?


Absolutely - for the price, it’s a killer.

And by the way, I paired it with a homemade basil Thai chicken dish with jasmine rice - it paired well, but even less sugar and more acid would have helped, of course. I preferred it without the food, however.