TN: 2006 Drinkward Peschon

  • 2006 Drinkward Peschon Cabernet Sauvignon Entre Deux Mères - USA, California, Napa Valley (7/2/2009)
    Maybe this is an odd place right now, but it was all out of whack. Deep purple color. Good weight. Big nose. A good amount of cedar, smoke, black licorice, sour cherry, kirsch and burnt leather. Seems like there was a lot of char on the barrels. The nose eventually evolved into Good 'n Plenty. No joke. This was Good ’ Plenty in a glass. On the palate, this was a tannic monster. Impossible to approach initially (following approx. 30 minute decant). Nothing like some of the recent reviews. Very intense tannins, completely coating the entire palate. After a good amount of waiting and coaxing, some jammy cherry and dark fruit emerged but the fruit never seemed to be in harmony with the wood and oh those tannins! After cutting through all of this, the finish was nice, but a little bit of heat crept in. I popped this open based on some recent reviews that indicated that it was drinking well and was smooth. My bottle was far far from that, but I do think there is good stuffing to this. Hopefully the tannins will smooth out and the wine will integrate. If so, it should be a very very good Cali Cab. Score range is 89-92. I’ll wait several years before opening my other bottles. (89 pts.)

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Agreed Joshua, I scored it 89-90 with some upside potential. For me, tasted better on day 2, but honestly I have no clue on the evolution.


Thanks for the notes. I’ve been on the waiting list for a few years and this is a wine I’ve been very interested in. If I get an offer, I will most likely bite and will post notes.


I found this to be a delicious little quaffer ready to drink now.