TN: 2006 Drinkward Peschon Cabernet

Good solid wine. At this stage it still needs some time to overcome the oak. Is it worth $50 or so…depends on how the wine ages>


Otto, where do you find these wines? Another one I don’t know. I am on for the 15th through 19th. What evening is best for you and Mel?

Drinkward is one of the newer “it” wines @ the $50 price point.
Otto, i dont know if you’ve had the previous vintages, but it takes a bit of time for the oak to subside. I had the 05 about 3 months ago and it still had an oak presence (not significant) but it was a lot of lush fruit with just a tinsy bit of 2ndary characteristic. But the very first one I had was a 2001 last year and that was pretty spectacular. Still needed some time but it shed that oak.

Jack, I can bring one bottle, however the Schader will overwhelm it.

Charlie, I am the last person to say how a wine will perform in the future. I do think that the 02 has been the best.

Are you in the mood for something a little older like a Dalla Valle, Pahlmeyer, Dunn etc. Otto. I may have a friend or two depending on the evening. It’s a shame you moved Charlie it would be good to congratulate you with a nice bottle. My kid isn’t into any of the wines. The Schrader sounds great Otto. Say hi to Mel.

i saddens me too =( Just got an email for a Burgundy night out on the Patio in San Diego. sigh You guys have fun!

just tasted toe 06 Drinkward cab a few weeks ago with dandridge and some other friends. it was tasty but waaaaaay too young to think about opening any more for a few years. big briary red froots up front and did have a large dollap of oak but i thikn it will settle and better integrate over the next couple of years. don’t open again until 2011 at least!