TN: 2006 Domaine Ramonet Chassagne-Montrachet Les Caillerets

Oh, my. This wine comes swinging right out of the gate, if the temperature is high enough in the glass (say about the same as for red burgundy.) It’s like smelling the freshest flower infused rain water rolling over stream rocks. The palate is balanced all the way through and VERY long. The oak needs some time in glass to integrate. Keeps showing new facets as time goes on. Pretty light bodied and full of finesse. Very enjoyable now with vigorous swirling but will age effortlessly. Lasted great in glass and in opened bottle overnight.


Thanks, Karl. You left it in the bottle open overnight - how was it changed from the first day?

Heya Karl,

I’ve recently had the Caillerets and the Ruchottes… I preferred the Caillerets. For my tastes both are certainly on the ripe / tropical / borderline candied side but the Caillerets had more intrigue and complexity and I would be happy to drink it again. Both are certainly reflective of their site, their producer, and their vintage, which is about all you can ask for :slight_smile:

Personally I prefer 05 and 07 whites to 06 as 06’s do for the most part show the tropical / candied character… but there are still a lot of great 06s out there.

FWIW here’s my note on the Caillerets. I have a note on the Ruchottes lost in the books and slips of paper from my recent trip, I may find it at some point :slight_smile:

06 Ramonet C. M. Caillerets
Rich and concentrated with mildly pungent lemon, wax and stoney earth married to very sweet fruit and some toast. Very drinkable now, good to very good wine, fair value at the price but I’d be more than happy to drink it again.

Agreed, though I am not a fan of many of the 05s, I LOVE the 04s. Pure, crystalline.

Same here, I like the '04 whites a lot - the '04 Dauvissat Chablis Les Clos, '04 Brocard Chablis Montmains and '04 Château de Puligny Montrachet PM Folatières immediately come to mind.

04 has been absolutely wonderful so far, particularly in Chablis, though I am getting worried about the increasing reports of green / pyrazine effect in the whites starting to show, I will check in on some of 04’s soon (I have a good bit of Meursault, Chassagne and Corton)…

I don’t think 05 is nearly as good for whites as reds but I still prefer it to 06. It appears to be shaping up that, for the better producers, 07 and 08 both will be great, classic, poised vintages.

Again, agreed.

You know, the way our three palates align, one day the three of us will have to get together and taste some amazing juice. [ok.gif]

Any time you’re in San Fran let me know, I’d love to get together :slight_smile: I am in Paris much more frequently than NYC, FWIW, though still not frequently enough!

Let me know when you’re in Paris, I’m spending more and more time in Europe and could easily make a hop to the City of Light.

Hi guys,

Thanks for the comments. Sorry I never properly introduce myself to this forum. FWIW…

The wine really didn’t change much overnight in a recorked bottle in the fridge.

Crystalline definition was actually my first impression of this bottle. I didn’t get anything tropical or candied. In fact the freshness stood out. Bottle variation? I can see how this can be lower in acid and extract than perhaps other vintages, but for me that’s a matter of style.