TN: 2006 Domaine Faury St. Joseph Vieilles Vignes

2006 Domaine Faury St. Joseph Vieilles Vignes - France, Rhône, Northern Rhône, St. Joseph (12/26/2015)
First time drinking a Faury VV with any age on it. In my limited experience, these wines are so tightly coiled (almost unpleasant) young, so it’s nice to have confirmation that cellaring these guys is a rewarding exercise.

Still a good deal of structure, but the tannic wall that you hit with these VV bottlings early on is not present. This is very friendly and drinkable out of the gate, though no real tertiary development/characteristics yet.

Nose has a hint of mocha and that licorice-y St. Joseph thing (not in an overbearing, offensive way, but definitely present).

Very flavorful and grapey (again, not offensive - this is made of grapes after all!). Very different from a Gonon. The fruit is front and center and it’s grapes, not cherries or other red or darker fruits. Earth and stems and some salinity frame the fruit and add character, but this is still very fruit-driven at this stage.

Palate/mouthfeel is intense and viscous without being heavy. A little bit of heat or herbal intensity on the backend.

This is honest wine. Not profound, but a very, very nice wine that has a long life ahead of it, still. Have one more and will hold on to it for a good while.

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