TN: 2006 Caymus and 2003 Turley Old Vines

The 06 Caymus continues to make me shake my head. Its dark as sin, has a huge nose of dark fruits, spice and bramble and a huge body loaded with cassis, blackberries, black stone fruits and a great creamy texture. On day one it shows some heat, on day two while still huge, its creamy velvet. I like this wine a lot more than the 06 SS at this point. I think of it as good QPR as I picked some up for $48 from a private sale. Cant think of any 06 Ive liked better yet, though I havent cracked any of the big guns.

The Turley 03 Old Vines reminded me of why I used to like Turley so much. Ive had a stream of weak ass Turleys of late, the last one being an 06 Juvie that might have as well been piss in a bottle. This one is huge and dark. On day one it was so intense and muddled that I thought it might be off but the last sip was pretty good. I skipped day two and today is day three. Still huge, the nose is all plums and blackberries with a whiff of olives and even some grilled elements. Some oak and prickly pepper on the nose too. The palate is also big with brighter fruits than the nose promises and an almost perfect laser of acid. The acid makes for a great clean finish but it lasts for a long time. Just a bit of alcohol and a hint of tannin. Man I wish they were this good still.

The 03 Old Vines is an exceptional wine. Turley did a great job with that one. They have made some well structured generous wines even though they seem to be only known as fruit bomb land.

Have you had any good ones post 2004?

Haven’t tried that many. The 05 didn’t really come anywhere near the 03 for me. Decent Zin for the price still but nothing to seek.

Caymus makes me shake my head too . . . NO. I have been checking their labels and the news, and still, nothing about their move to port . . .

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