TN: 2006 Cabot Vineyards Syrah Kimberly's (USA, California, North Coast, Humboldt County)

  • 2006 Cabot Vineyards Syrah Kimberly’s - USA, California, North Coast, Humboldt County (7/22/2009)
    Somehow, in just a few months, this baby has opened up and is ready for business! Beautiful very dark fruits, cured meat galore (and bacon, the Cabot signature), and a nice minerality greet the nose, along with just a touch of heat. A similar experience on the palate, with a focus on not only the rich mouthfeel, but more of that beautiful cured meat quality, and a finish of a salty meat, dark berries, and a touch of oak, along with tobacco and some more rocky terroir. Drink up! (91 pts.)

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ha!! i just popped one of these 50 minutes ago … haven’t read your note yet, or written mine, but so far, all I can say is, this is awesome juice!!

Both of you suck. I am trying to keep my hands off. This doesn’t help…

Yoni … it’s frickin’ awesome … just open one! [diablo.gif]

Is this the regular bottling, or the Berserker barrel?

Berserker barrel, i assume … at least for me it is. [berserker.gif]

This was plain ol’ Kimberly’s - not ‘one barrel’…

interesting … my impressions of the One Barrel were very similar

One Barrel is Kimberly’s. It’s just one exceptional barrel they got from 06.

right … and if I understand Todd correctly, his note is not from “the one exceptional barrel”

Agreed. If mine weren’t in an off-site in another state, I’d probably be having a glass for breakfast right now.

Man I can’t wait for it to cool down here, maybe in like six months so i can get my hands on some of these Cabot’s. You guys are killing me.

I received three of these and three zins about five weeks ago. Nary a Cabot remains standing - they were all that good.

This is NOT, I repeat, NOT from the One Barrel. It was the ‘standard’ bottling of Kimberly’s.

I was not given the opportunity to try their Zin. I only assist in bringing them huge amounts of business, that’s my role, not Zinfandel tasting, apparently… [cry.gif]

Don’t worry Todd, we’ll get ya some Zin. We aren’t releasing them until fall. Mike just caught me at a weak moment and I sent him three bottles of the Tributary ZIn(per his request) with his 3 ‘One Barrels’. I think the two zins need a couple more months to get where I want them to be. They were bottled in Dec. of 08.

I was actually holding my breathe a bit when I sent the Zins to Mike, knowing that he is a huge Zin fan and drinks the best of the best. I was afraid it wouldn’t show well for him. Releasing new wines is always a bit of an emotional rollercoaster ride for me.

The Kimberly’s is quite different than the One barrel. Where the One Barrel is peppery dark red fruit and 100% Syrah, the Kimberly’s is more boysen/black/blue berry fruited with some floral notes from the 8% Viognier we co-fermented it with. They are from the same vineyard though, so there are deffinate similarities. We bottled 400 cases of the Kimberly’s.