TN: 2006 Cabot Syrah Kimberly's Vineyard

’06 Cabot Syrah Kimberly’s Vineyard

Note: this was not the “One Barrel” bottling…

Very viscous in appearance. Almost black at the core, “fading” to deep violet at the rim. I was a little scared by the 15.3% abv on the label, but I didn’t pick up much heat on the nose. In fact, when I opened this on Friday night, I picked up only the faintest hint of dusty blackberry-- it was absolutely unyielding. I decided to leave the bottle open overnight and revisit it on Saturday afternoon with some crackers and a couple of cheeses (murcia curado, robiola) I picked up for lunch. The nose and palate were still totally restrained-- not hot, not flawed, just not giving much up for us to smell or taste. So again, I left it out on the counter, open, overnight. Although we couldn’t really pull out any flavors, Steve commented that the palate seemed very well balanced and bright for a wine with this much alcohol.

I don’t know when it happened, but at some point between Saturday and Sunday, the wine awakened. The nose is hedonistic, with bloody roasted beef, jammy blackberry and black raspberry, cracked pepper, nutmeg, and clove. On the palate, the texture is velvety and medium-bodied, with brisk acidity, substantial tannins, bright fruit, and a floral finish. I wish I hadn’t wasted so many pours on Friday and Saturday, because this would have been perfect with tonight’s grilled tri-tip.

Thanks, John! Looking forward to trying Aria’s and Kimberly’s “One Barrel” next…

I’m glad you enjoyed the Kimberly’s. We are very pleased with this vineyard. It was a dream site for us when we planted it in 02.

Thanks for the note. Letting my sleep for a while longer but they are good stuff.

Thanks for the note … and patience.

So was the bottle totally open … no cork?


Yup. I just left it open–no cork. A proper decanting on day one would have been smarter, hindsight being twenty-twenty, but it still would have needed the better part of a day to come around.

Nice. I am surprised there wasn’t some oxidation.


This wine has a ph of 3.55, and a TA of .67, which makes it less susceptible to oxidation and will ensure a nice long life. FWIW The total So2 levels are 55 ppm. Just a bonus for having lower ph’s. (insert geeking out emoticon)

No hint of oxidation whatsoever.

Good to know. I was thinking about drinking a bottle next week … so I’ll open it now [shock.gif]


Do what ever you want, gosh!! :smiley: