TN: 2006 Biale Zinfandel Stagecoach Vineyard Biale Block

Opened the bottle last night for pizza, pop and pour. Unlike other 2006 Biale zins, this one has no heat or ETOH on the nose, but rather a nice and pleasant cassis and blueberry character. Still inky purple with some good glycerin holding onto the glass. Palate wasn’t hot either. Very good smoke, earth and cherries notes with a hint of oak and no real tannic bite. Complete 180 from other zins in '06 from them. Actually, a very enjoyable bottle of wine if not just a tad pricey these days.

I think the late 90’s and early 00’s are the best representations of these wines. From 2004/05 onward they have been hot, disjointed and pretty much bleh. I dropped out of the wine club last year after being a member for over five years. Drinking through all of them now just as pizza night wines and was pretty shocked at how good this one was.

Would be interesting to try some of the older ones.

Thanks for the note Tex, I love Biale wines. If you can score older ones, do it…they’re great.

I’ve often found them on WineBid for not too expensive. I had a few 2002s that I really enjoyed in the last year or so.

THat’s how I buy 'em now. I was on the BCS list as well but stopped due to the wines being overpriced and not as good. If you want Biale’s go to Winebid, you can get them for really cheap.

THanks for the note, Bill, I have 2 of these and will pop one soon.

I’ve been a member of BCS for several years now and I’m contemplating dropping out for the same reasons stated here- the QPR just isn’t there anymore. I do like their Petite Sirah and some of the Zins (Black Chicken, Aldo’s) though.

The 91 Aldo’s was pretty much over the hill a month or two ago (drinkable but not much more) and the bottle looked pristine. I have one more.

I’m hoping the 06 Monte Rosso is nice as I have a couple.