TN: 2006 Bachelet Gevrey Chambertin VV

Opened and followed half the bottle over two days. I noticed little to no change between the two days. The second half is in a .375ml bottle in the fridge which I will check on in the next day or so.

This was so tight, hard and unyielding it really was difficult to get much pleasure from it. The nose was tough and unwilling to share much, and the palate was a bit empty. Meanwhile the black tea-like tannins were drying on the finish. I’m hoping the second half shows a bit more. My others will sleep until I see more positive notes on its evolution.

Yow! I was mulling opening one of these and the 07 of the same soon… perhaps not.

I like this quite a bit.
I guess my bottles which came from a wholesaler on clearance were probably a little more advanced.
Terrific wine.
Just needs time.

My last 2 bottles were similar to your description. I think they’ve shut down and probably won’t come around for a few more years.

Have faith… return in six or seven or ten years… all will be well. Better than that in fact.

I’d buy this in magnum if that were possible.

I finally got back around to the .375ml today, and man has this opened up significantly since I pulled the cork on Sunday. The nose is much more expressive with lots of meaty red fruit and brown spices. The palate has filled in nicely and, while the tannins are still sturdy, the fruit is now at least offering up enough of itself to act as a decent counterbalance.

This is much more of what I was expecting when I opened this bottle earlier in the week, and a great drink.

Anyone else think the '06 reds are starting to close up just a bit?

Thanks for the report.

I’ve tasted through a few 06s over the last few months and they seem to hiding a bit more than last year.


Thanks for the update, I really enjoyed it about 6 months ago. But I spoke with a retailer at the time who had tracked it since release and he really thought that it was shutting down. So it does seem like that’s the case.


Yup, this one is certainly shutting down and slow to show anything interesting. The 07 is showing a bit more, but still muted.

Thanks for the note and data point.

Thanks for the heads up; will let my bottles sleep…

That is interesting, it was pretty open last fall.

Just had the '06 Corbeaux, it was totally shut down. Tight as nails even the next day. Definitely would not open that again for awhile

Didn’t I give you an '06 Bachelet GC? :slight_smile:

Rick - I didn’t enjoy this wine either FWIW. The Fourrier GC VV blows it away IMO in 2006.