TN: 2005 V. Dauvissat "La Forest" Chablis

This was a lovely wine. The nose offered only somewhat muted floral aromas, but on the palate the wine was a beaut–a very pleasant crisp and creamy mouthfeel, with fine taste notes of white fruit, shells and minerals. A long finish.

great timing Randy. I opened an 08 last night. Will post my thoughts probably tomorrow.


Gounds great Randy. One of these months, we should do a la Forest vertical for the white portion of one of our Burg dinners.

I have a few of these so nice to have the note. I am inclined to keep Dauvissat 1ers longer than the GCs.

Interesting comment about aging these wines, Mike. I’m curious as to why you do that?

Lew, I have had more premox GC than 1er’s, simple as that. Cheers Mike

Nice idea Howard!

This wine is in a very good place right now. Delicious! Great note.

Interesting, as a 2006 and 2005 tasted simultaneously were tight and unyielding about six months ago.

Our wines get to travel on the water Mike. Many times they are slightly advanced to what you pick up at the cave.