TN: 2005 Sylvain Cathiard Bourgogne

Quite the revelation after having drank through several bottles upon release, with my last being consumed in 2008. I stumbled across a couple of bottles locally for $27 and given my earlier pleasant experience, gave it a shot.

Still stacked with fruit with just the beginning of secondary development at 15 years of age. I expected more tertiary/earthy flavors but nope, still all about the bright fruit. Kind of amazing for a humble Bourgogne.

As you’d expect it’s not a complex wine, never was. But it is delicious and just the type of wine you want to open on a Thursday night while watching a movie.

Does anyone else have recent experience with 2005 Bourgognes? Curious if the longevity is a product of the producer, vintage, perhaps something else…

If I ran across ANYTHING Cathiard for anywhere near that price I’d buy it all. Wish I bought more before it was so popular, and the price changed so drastically

Good news is that in 2019, Cathiard took over a parcel of Gevrey and quite a lot of vines in the Hautes-Côtes, so the domaine will expand from 4.6 hectares to 8.35 hectares. So there will be twice as much wine to go around, and much of it from the Hautes-Côtes so likely to be a bit more affordable.

I just bought a 17 Cathiard bourgogne - will that be good to drink now or should I bury it for a decade?

I don’t know much about the vintage but it should drink really well unless they’ve changed their winemaking style has changed. Can also cellar it for apparently 15 plus years!

Frenchie - agree, they only had a couple bottles but I’d buy a case.