TN: 2005 Sine Qua Non The Petition (USA, California)

  • 2005 Sine Qua Non The Petition - USA, California (9/27/2010)
    This is my forth bottle of this, and it just continues to make me HAPPY! “A blend of 37% Viognier, 33% Roussanne, and 30% Chardonnay; 62% from John Alban’s vineyard and 38% from the Eleven Confessions Vineyard”…huge and rich wine, yet again with ALL Manfred’s wines, perfectly balanced. Big and rich tropical, apricot, peach fruit…exotic, smoky hazelnut butter, lemon ginger cookies, honeysuckle florals, hot butter rum spice. I think a big key to the amazement of this wine is the Chard! It adds that exotic smoky cream to it that binds it all together. Why the hell is Manfred and Alban not growing it anymore??? Yes rich, but also has plenty of minerals and citrus acidity to cut it…but still, oily rich…lets not kid ourselves! One of the best domestic white Rhones you can ever have! (96 pts.)

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Indeed, one of the best white wines I have ever had from California of any composition or makeup.

One of my favorite SQN’s…along with the Whispering E.

I got an 04 Verget Les Clos we can have with one of these before the weather gets too cool Brian!


I’d LOVE to try that wine!!!

Only have one bottle of this, when should I consume?

Tomorrow night while watching Glee.

It is Mel’s B-day Weds, I have no shot dude! The weekend?

Gents, I may be in Mo-Town this weekend if you can put something together…

Sorry guys…I’m back to work fri.

This wine seems to have the viscosity of baby oil on the palate, just amazing. Really a unique wine in every way and a pleasure to drink. Both times I’ve had it, my dinner guests have been blown away.