TN: 2005 Seavey Cab Sauv Caravina

  • 2005 Seavey Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Caravina - USA, California, Napa Valley (4/2/2009)
    Popped and poured and consumed over 2 hours. Nose is lush chocolate, green tobacco and dark berries. On the palate it’s pretty lush and easy drinking with more chocolate, a little cocoa powder, herbs and green tobacco along with some cassis. Finish is medium length and this is a pretty solid wine.

I’ve generally enjoyed the Caravina Cabs I’ve had. A well made early/mid term drinker that is priced fairly.

I have no idea how much this costs b/c this was given to me but if it is in the $35-40 range then I would say it is fairly priced…if more than that…well…

Tony… the Caravina averages $44 per bottle on Wine-Searcher, which is about what I used to pay for the
late 90s vintages of the regular Seavey cab. [cray.gif]


Yup! I finally figured out how to downsize the photo to fit in the avatar box!!