TN: 2005 Raveneau Montée de Tonnerre

truly thunderous, not as fat as vintage would predict, it is a super bottle, wayyyyy better than the 09s tried recently. Drinking really well, there is clean fruit wrapped in acidity and minerality, no oyster shell or chalk, but very Chablis. Texture is rounding out, but there’s still a nice bite and I am enjoying it very much.

Those 2005 Raveneau are really good. We had a tasting a few years ago where a lot of people thought they were the 2007s.

Loved this too! 09’s are watery? Or did you mean 99.

09 at Cornwell’s tasting–notes are posted. Dauvissat sucked also.

Great. Keep the prices down!

Alan - do you know where I can find those notes? Thanks!!! Thomas

The 05 Clos was epic last year.

Yea…where are those notes??

I can’t find Don’s notes and just emailed him.

For my palate, I prefer the 09 MtD to the 05. They are both ripe but the 09 has better concentration and energy.

I sense a trade in the offing.

I had this bottle last week , and unfortunately , I did not like it . I thought it was watery , just like you describe the 2009 . Who knows , maybe I forgot to put on my glasses …