TN: 2005 Paul Hobbs Chardonnay Richard Dinner Vineyard

  • 2005 Paul Hobbs Chardonnay Richard Dinner Vineyard - USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Mountain (12/7/2009)
    Not sure how to score this… deep gold color and a definite aroma of buttered popcorn… with few other aromas – in fact, this wine smells like a cinema concessions counter; full body, ripe fruit, with strong oak flavors/aromas and a long finish; well-integrated and refined, but a very oaky and buttery style. Not my preferred style (I like at least a little lemon and will settle for tropical fruit), but for those butter lovers… this is the bomb.

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Sounds very new-oaky.

Roy, it is easily the oakiest Chardonnay I have personally tasted. The oak was not bitter, like a cheap Chard that used wood chips, but it was the dominant flavor. It also screamed “malo me one more time” with its really creamy texture. That aroma of buttered popcorn was striking and unmistakable even to the novices at the table.

To each their own!

While I do enjoy his Pinots and Cabs, as expensive as they are, I consistently find his Chardonnays way too oaky for me. Such a shame to mask all that great fruit with so much oak.