TN : 2005 NSG Les Boudots - Gerard Mugneret

Yeah, I know many are still holding their 2005 Burgundies as they await full maturity and the resulting pleasures that state will bring. I have been drinking mine for a while…for a couple of reasons. Firstly the wines at the Village or 1er Cru level are throwing up some sensational drinking pleasures, and secondly, if I wait the suggested decade or more to begin opening them, I will probably be beyond the ability to appreciate them.

On Fruday evening we had dinner at the golf club and opened a bottle of the 2005 Nuits Saint Georges Les Boudots from Gerard Mugneret . If my memory is still intact this was the initial vintage for Gerard & Francoise’s son, Pascal, who became the winemaker and overseer of the domaine. Nice start as he had an easy time making excellent wine that year, a confidence builder because the subsequent wines from the next several vintages, plus Pascal’s work in the vineyards, have been excellent examples also.

Extremely high fill and long cork; full,and penetrating aromas that feature floral scents, along with the deep fruit and smoky new oak; fully opaque dark and black purple colour that extends out to the rim; rich and full entry, with a velvety texture that coats the mouth; ripe black cherry flavours that ride above the tannins and oak frame; the tannins and oak are noticeable after the rush of fruit but do not take anything away from the wine’s expression on the palate; extends out to an extremely long and satisfying finish…lasts and lasts.

My impression is that the wine will continue to evolve over the next 20 or 25 years, but I honestly can’t look ahead that far. I am happy to open these wines now and enjoy them. [basic-smile.gif]

The Echezeaux from this domaine is another story…my tastings so far indicate that this wine definitely needs further cellaring…but will become a colossal wine. If you aren’t familiar with Domaine Gerard Mugneret these wines are well worth the search.

It was Jazz Night in the Spike Bar on Friday evening, but we dined in the Windsor Room down the hall, where my wines are held in the Club Coolers.

Hank [cheers.gif]

Can’t say I blame you, Hank - I have also started to dip into my stash of Brunello a little sooner/younger than I ordinarily would, and have really stopped buying Barolo as a concession to my age.

I do have some 2005 Chevillon NSG’s in the cellar, but haven’t felt the temptation yet to pull a cork from one :wink:

Thanks . Our wine club has been discussing to do a 2005 premier cru ( and villages ) tasting , your note suggests we should do one .
And agree with Gerard Mugneret , great wines .