TN: 2005 Nigl Riesling Privat

Light yellow gold in the glass, with some very minimal effervescence that to be honest I’ve never noticed before.

Apples marinated lightly in petrol on the nose, with a dose of that spritz, seemingly served with/on rocks.

On the palate, crisp acidity framing ripe white fruits; drinking very youthfully right now. Light-bodied for an Austrian riesling, and right now not displaying any of the 13.5% alcohol. Shows a slight bitterness on the finish. I’ve had better bottles of this wine, although this is still good. I had forgotten this wine was screwcapped, and I have to applaud any winemaker willing to try an alternative to corks even for his top-of-the-line releases.

Thanks for this note. I have an 01 pulled for tonight, along with Jamek. My recollection is that 2005 was a bit of a challenge in Austria, with some botrytis floating around. Wonder if that might explain the slight bitterness on the finish?

love this wine and bought a bunch, even mags. Never noticed spritz.

No, I never noticed it previously either, Alan - and it dissipated rather quickly, so just present on opening.