TN: 2005 Nigl Riesling Hochacker

Light yellow-gold in the glass, with a gorgeous, “etched” nose of petrol, slate & granny smith apple.

On the palate, sweet & tart apples and minerality - delicious, acidity fully integrated, and just a pleasure to drink. I’d hesitate to say this was at peak, as every time I drink it it seems to develop more nuance & character, but this is pretty impressive right now. I had it side-by-side with Nigl’s 2005 Kremsleiten Riesling - I always enjoy that entry-level bottling, and it is drinking well right now, but it is instructional to drink it next to this wine, if for no other reason than to appreciate the extra gears this “cru” possesses. Per the label, 13.5% alcohol.

Very nice [cheers.gif] .

Thanks for the note. Don’t own any of these, but have a couple Privat. Based on recently tasting several 04s and 05s, I’d say in general that these two vintages are probably years away from being over the hill, still pretty youngish from what I saw :slight_smile: