TN: 2005 Montrose

Thanks for the note Phil, I’ve got a bunch of these and was wondering if I should drink one. Guess I’ll wait a while.

Phil, I just have to say, this note is rather interesting…

We have ‘yummy’, ‘pretty’, and all kinds of berry goodness.

I’m jus’ sayin’

I’ll kill one of Zach’s that I am holding and will report back.

An excellent option

Have these dropped in price lately @ Costco? They were a little over $100 about 6 months ago.

$110 a bottle…I think.

Thanks for the note/data point. I’m expecting great things from this wine for years to come.


Philip - sounds like you think Parker might have under rated it based on your description?

As I’ve stated several times, I haven’t had ANY 05 BDX that hasn’t outperformed my expectations.